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 “Position” is published once a quarter and explains how the financial markets work – and how to invest your assets robustly. In addition to practical information on the subject of money, you will find analyses on monetary policy, investment strategy and developments in the financial markets. Our aim is to provide you with topics and thought-provoking issues that will help your professional and personal development.

You will find these topics in the current issue:

Number one topic: sustainably robust – how long-term investments can succeed

  • Investment strategy – what sustainability means, and what it doesn’t.
  • Asset protection – why gold is so important.
  • Yields – what is realistic?
  • The crash of the century – why the 1987 financial crash is still ever-present today.
  • Guest commentary – Nassim Taleb on risk and its price.

The new issue of Position magazine will be published in May.

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