Flossbach von Storch - Bond Opportunities

Think globally, act flexibly ‒ seize opportunities


Key characteristics

  • A globally diversified bond fund with an active investment approach
  • An active portfolio management is not based on a benchmark index ‒ the risk-reward ratio of an investment is decisive
  • The selection of securities is carried out within the framework of a fundamental analysis process; supported by research instruments developed in-house.
  • The focus is on comprehensible liquid government bonds, covered bonds, and corporate bonds
  • Flossbach von Storch's bond strategy was launched in 2009 and has since been managed by the same fund manager.
  • Objective: to achieve a positive, real return over the long term, taking investment risk into account

“Flexible investors can make money with bonds even in a market environment that remains challenging ‒ at least if they take advantage of all the yield opportunities this asset class offers.”

Frank Lipowski
Responsible Fund Manager


For whom?

  • Investors who want to participate in the development of the global bond markets.
  • Conservative investors who want a higher return than that offered by savings accounts and fixed-term deposits.
  • Investment horizon: medium-term three to five years.


  • Participate in global bond market growth.
  • Income can be generated from regular interest payments.
  • Active interest rate, currency and risk management (e.g. from the use of derivatives).


  • Country, credit and issuer liquidity risk. Also potential exchange rate risks. If securities are illiquid (i.e. thinly traded), there is a risk that it may either not be possible to sell the assets at all or only by accepting a significant discount on the sale price.
  • Investing in bonds may entail price risks, especially in case of rising interest rates on the capital markets.
  • Where used, derivatives can have a greater negative impact on the fund value than would be the case if the assets were acquired directly. This can affect the fund's risk profile and volatility (tendency for the price to fluctuate).

This is not an offer to buy or subscribe to securities. The information does not constitute investment advice or other recommendations. The value of any investment may fall or rise, and you may not get back the amount invested. You should consult with your advisor before making any investment.

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Various financial terms are explained in our Glossary.